Getting the perfect hair and nails for your wedding day

Your wedding day is a magical experience. Surrounded by your loved ones, this is the time when you will want to be looking like your most fabulous self.

Between the dresses, the location, the food and the planning drama, brides often overlook two very important things that they wear everyday – their hair and nails!

Now it’s easy enough to throw in a last minute manicure and a few layers of polish, or hire a stylist and hope enough hairspray will mask any damage or split ends, but if you want your hair and nails to stand up to the rest of your look, you’re going to need to plan ahead – just like with your makeup.

Plan Ahead

Would you choose your wedding dress before trying it on first? Of course not! So make sure you don’t make that mistake with your hair!

This is the most important tip you’re going to read. Just like with makeup, there is no substitute for time when it comes to experimenting, testing and tweaking your hair and nail care regime and possible styles for your wedding day.

The more time you give yourself to try different things, the better the end result will be on your big day.

There are a world of different styles, colours and treatments out there. And while I normally recommend you choose makeup that enhances your natural beauty on your wedding day, for hair it’s a great opportunity to opt for something you might not consider day-to-day.

While this might sound risky, by planning ahead and having a ‘hair-rehearsal’ eight to ten weeks beforehand, you can be sure the look you opt for is something that will suit you.

Giving yourself plenty of time to plan, experiment and get your hair in tip top shape also allows any colour or relaxing treatments you get to soften and look more natural before your wedding day arrives. And should there be a disaster (fingers crossed it never happens!), you’ll have plenty of time to fix it.

True beauty starts from within

I’m not being cheesy when I say this – although it is true!

There’s no end to the cover-ups and short term fixes you can apply to damaged hair and nails, but there really is no substitute for actually healthy hair and nails.

The stress of organising a wedding can take over your life, so try and take time out to maintain a healthy diet and workout regimen which will help you not only get the perfect hair and nails, but also keep you on top of the rest of the planning.

My three top tips for healthy hair and nails are:

  1. Drink more water. Seriously. Cut back on everything else (okay maybe one more glass of prosecco!) but stay hydrated. Within a few weeks your skin, hair and nails will look far more nourished.
  2. Eat more protein. Your hair and nails contain a protein called Keratin which is what gives them their strength and prevents split ends and broken nails.
  3. Check out this guide for a full breakdown on all the vitamins and minerals to keep your hair, nails and skin looking and feeling great.

Find the perfect stylist!

I often get asked: ‘I get my haircut all the time – why can’t I use my regular hairdresser?’

Great question. While you certainly can go to your regular stylist, having your hair done for a big event is quite different to your everyday cut and blow dry.  And more importantly, there’s a good chance your usual stylist only works in the salon and won’t be able to come to the venue to do your hair for the big day!

Stylists come in all shapes and sizes and when deciding who to trust for your wedding hair, take the time to look around and do your research. Not everyone is suited to every taste, and the best way to guarantee a great result on your wedding day is to go for a stylist you feel comfortable working with.

They should be able to listen to your concerns and ideas without judgement, and offer advice that is going to work best for you. Like any relationship, if you feel like you’re not able to communicate effectively,  it’s time to find another stylist.

If you have a unique hair type (extra curly for example) finding a stylist who specialises in your hair type can be a good course of action.

Think practical

We often forget our hair and nails are functional as much as they are for decoration, and woe betide any loose hair on a particularly windy wedding!

Outdoor wedding on a windy heath? Perhaps a bun is better than flowing locks blown into your face!

Planning on taking your hair down for the reception? Let your stylist know so they can take it easy on the hair spray.

At the end of the day, great looking hair and nails are only half the equation,  how they fit into your big day is just as important.

Be prepared

As a makeup artist, I like to think I work a little magic with my tools, and hair stylists feel the exact same way. But neither of us can really do that without a little guidance from you. Having an idea of what you like can make things go a lot smoother and make it more likely you’ll get the result you’d like.

I’ve seen some ladies show up to consultations having prepared elaborate pinterest boards sorted by theme. Others are more content to bring a few pictures on their phone.

Some opt for a range of looks they need to narrow down.

However you like to do it, having some pictures ready can help immensely when it comes to crafting your look for the big day.

Be yourself!

The best thing a makeup artist or hair stylist can do is enhance the natural beauty of our clients.

That means being realistic with what we can achieve and understanding what looks pair well with what face shapes. If something isn’t working, a good stylist won’t be afraid to (gently!) let their clients know. Afterall, it’s what we do for a living!

So when considering what look to go for, keep in mind what your personal style and taste is. The last thing we’d want to do is have your weddings guests wondering who that lady in the white dress is!

In the end…

Your wedding day is one you want to look back on with love and fondness, surrounded by your close friends and family celebrating a magical time. The last thing you want to worry about is hair and nails!

I hope the steps above can help you get there and if you need any make-up tips, check out my site!

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